Information about Donations of Items, Furniture, Books to the Church


In order to remind everyone and inform new folks at Shores UMC,  the United Methodist Book of Discipline gives the Board of Trustees at every local church the responsibility to accept or reject any and all conveyances, grants, gifts, donations, legacies, bequests or devices…for the use and benefit of the local church (section2529.c).   If you are considering donating any property to Shores UMC to be used in either building or on the church campus, please contact the church office or the Chair of the Board of Trustees beforehand.  This will allow the Trustees to consider the donation at their monthly meeting and decide if the donation is within the scope of the missions and needs of the church. It will also give them time to decide the best place to put your donation and how it will be used.    Also keep in mind, the local church budget may not be able to cover any expense related to your donation.   If you have any questions, see Cynthia Avance, the current chair of the Board of Trustees

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