Shores United Methodist Church

Dear Shores UMC friends,

I have been struggling with how to approach the approach of hurricane Irma.  Here is what has come out of that struggle:

1. We will have a special service of prayer, worship and inviting God’s intervention on Wednesday night,September 6 at 6:30 pm.  The choir and Roger will be participating in this special time of appreciating the Lord of the Universe.  (Please dress comfortably for we may need your help to distribute some sandbags after the service.)

2. We will not have services or Sunday School classes on Sunday, September 10.  I am very concerned with urging you all to attend church with that being the possible time we will most be feeling Irma’s influence.  Many would have a difficult time driving under those difficult conditions.

3. The Pot Luck dinner at 5:30 pm on the 10th would also be canceled for the same reasons.

4. The Bible Study on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening next week (12th and 13th) would also be postponed until the following week.

Now all of this may sound strange in light of us having a service to ask for God’s intervention—we are not being faithless, but rather standing ready to send out another email that says that all of this is on again with a great, wonderful hallelujah!  We are trying to be responsible and sensitive to you!

Please, please, plan now for your safety and well-being.  We want to be healthy and ready to return to aid those who may be devastated by Irma’s coming.  And if there is anything that your church can do to help, let us know.

May God bless, preserve and keep you, my friends, 


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